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HugoMark Product and Service Offerings

HugoMark Offerings

  • HugoMark has the business expertise and experience to solve the design and remediation issues faced by its government and industrial customers who require complex civil and specialty engineering and construction solutions.  This involves construction and remediation of bridges and dams and installation of sewer and watermain services.

    HugoMark’s traditional business is involved in the construction and remediation of bridges, dams and other barriers.  HugoMark has developed and honed specialty skills by means of extensive experience in order to solve these complex engineering projects to customer satisfaction.  Naturally, the bridges and barriers being worked upon are critical components of transportation and infrastructure resource networks, involving substantial safety issues.  This is a challenge that HugoMark accepts, confident in its the expertise and experience of its staff.

    Faced with the prohibitive cost and time of replacement of a structure, HugoMark’s customers much prefer the lower cost of a remediation.  The challenge is met by the company by providing renewed structural integrity, expanding capacity, and extending the useful life of the structure, often improving the design and construction at the same time.

    The methodology associated with constructing and remediating bridges, dams and barriers is not widespread in traditional companies, rather has been developed in HugoMark by experience and repetition.  The use of innovative techniques, both in design and execution, have contributed to HugoMark’s reputation for tackling and solving even the most thorny of barrier, grouting, and bridge remediation problems. 

    HugoMark has the complete suite of equipment design tools one would expect from a full-service civil construction company.  Depending on the specific requirement, this could involve the use of the Company’s in-house specialized construction technology, including grouting, stabilizing anchors, structural reinforcement by means of epoxy injection, water penetration control and moisture sealant by means of urethane injection.  These specialized construction services are also contracted to other civil and general contractors.

    Newer HugoMark staff is trained by long-service employees in the internally-developed construction techniques.

    By constant customer interaction, HugoMark integrates its expertise, infrastructure, equipment and experience into a package offering to its customers, in order to eliminate problems at the design stage, before they are embedded in the remediated product.

    In addition to its core heavy civil, infrastructure (sewer and water), and general construction services, HugoMark offers the following specific services and products:

    • Acid, abrasion and chemical resistant coating systems
    • Corrosive resistant products
    • Expansion joint systems
    • General contracting and civil construction projects
    • Grouting cementitious and chemical pressure
    • Injections systems for epoxy and polyurethane
    • Protective coatings
    • Reinforced concrete structural repairs
    • Shotcrete-polymer/silica fume
    • Soil stabilization
    • Underwater structure repairs
    • Waterproofing systems, both above and below grade traffic-bearing
    • Pile driving
    • Rock bolting and structure stabilization
    • Concrete forming
    • Structural cast-in-place concrete
    • Structural steel placement, and
    • Road building.

    In addition to its traditional business, HugoMark has developed and begun to market a retail product called “Crack & Seal”, targeted at the ‘do-it-yourself” home owner for repairing foundations and concrete floor cracks.  The kit is in the process of being marketing to home product and parts stores.  This product brings HugoMark’s depth of experience and innovative techniques in barrier and bridge remediation to bear on the home remediation market.  It will prove to be technically feasible at a cost sufficiently low to the home owner to ensure widespread sales while still presenting at an acceptable return to the company. 

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Construction Skill and Associations:

  • HugoMark has extensive contractor, construction and distributor relationship partners to provide local subcontract labour and machinery, where required. 

    HugoMark staff work together in small teams to execute the requirements of each project.  Personnel are cross-trained and able to rotate through different roles as necessary.  Working as multi-functional, project-oriented teams, the staff gains a broad knowledge of all aspects of the company’s operations.  There is a broad base of knowledgeable workers from which team leaders can be drawn.  This same group will spawn the leaders of the new teams that will be formed as HugoMark grows.

    HugoMark’s problem-solving capability is augmented by its association with engineering organizations and institutes which cater to the technical requirements of the construction and remediation industry. 

    The company is a member of the following industry associations:

  • Canadian Dam Association (  This association is concerned with technical, environmental, social, economic, legal, and administrative aspects of dams and their safety.  In addition to public safety considerations and protection of the environment, the association provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences in the field of dam safety by fostering interprovincial cooperation, promoting the adoption of regulatory policies and safety guidelines for dams and reservoirs throughout Canada, providing information and assistance to dam owners in support of dam safety programs and sharing information with Canadian and international organizations interested in dam safety.
    • American Concrete Institute (  This institute develops and disseminates the knowledge and information needed to utilize concrete to its fullest potential.  It is a technical and educational society with 16,000 members in 115 countries which produces technical documents, reports, guides, specifications, and codes for the best use of concrete.  In addition, it conducts about educational seminars leading to certification programs for concrete practitioners, as well as a scholarship program to promote careers in the industry. 
      • Ontario Road Builders Association (  This Association is the voice of over 100 road building contractors who build and maintain the majority of Ontario’s highway systems and municipal roads and bridges.  The Association also represents associate members who manufacture, distribute and supply products, equipment and services to the road building industry.

        The Association’s objectives include the development and maintenance of the highest standards of construction and business methods in the road building industry, prevention of accidents and promotion of worker health and safety, promotion of cooperative liaison between members and all public departments and agencies, promotion of better understanding and goodwill between the industry and the public, provide advice on forms of contract, specifications and bonds, to be a source of information, investigation and research pertaining to contracting and engineering methods, and to provide education and training for the purpose of enhancing the quality of workmanship and managerial expertise of member companies.


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